Exit Strategies

Define your objectives with respect to an eventual exit from your business. We’ll work with you to prepare a strategic plan.

We’ll explicitly help you define your exit-related objectives along with a comprehensive strategy and road map to take into account all personal, business, financial, legal and taxation aspects. Your objectives may include maximizing proceeds, minimizing risk, closing a transaction quickly, or selecting an investor that will ensure the continuity and prosperity of your business.

We’ll also take into account contingencies such as illness or death. We can help plan an efficient transfer from the point of view of possibly applicable estate taxes, capital gains taxes or other taxes. Sale of a business is not the only form of exit. Forms of exit may also include:

  • Management Buyout. 
  • Passing on the firm to next-of-kin. 
  • Initial Public Offering. 
  • Bringing on board financial partners.